Sheet Harbour Marina


Spring 2023

It’s been a busy period at the Sheet Harbour Marina Association, where much progress was made.

Newsletter Highlights:

  • Enhanced Business Plan and Feasibility Study update
  • Marina Community & Business Sponsorship Support Update
  • New Storage Building
  • Spatial Plan Completed
  • Summer Events
  • Fall Banquet
  • Upcoming Bluenose II Visit

Winter 2023

The winter weather didn’t hold us back from moving forward and checking off items on our To-Do list.

Newsletter Highlights:

  • Our plans for 2023
  • Purchase of East River Wharf
  • HRM and ACOA Funding for the Sheet Harbour Marina Association
  • Rafflebox Fundraiser
  • Tourist Visitation Study
  • Bathymetric Survey (underwater mapping) Update
  • What is a Spatial Plan