Sheet Harbour Marina

Our Marina

We've arrived at our destination

The search is over and we are excited about building a new marina for the residents of the area and welcome those to our special place in Nova Scotia.

Planned Marina Advantages

N 44.918876° W 62.516070°

Feasibility Study & Business Plan

Objective:  To identify the infrastructure, services, and experience necessary to develop the Sheet Harbour Waterfront Marina as a hub for local and visiting boaters.

Conducted by Superyacht East Coast and Group ATN Consulting Inc., the study also explored broader waterfront development prospects that can position Sheet Harbour as a destination within the growing provincial and regional marine destination network.

Planned Marina Services & Programs

As a full-service marina, there will be a wide range of services, programs, and activities available throughout the boating season. We will be a one-stop shop for all things marine and anything that can’t be supplied at the marina is only a few minutes away in Sheet Harbour. 

This is a draft list of the planned services and programs that will be available at the Sheet Harbour Full-Service Marina to all boaters: local, recreational and commercial.




sheet harbour marina site map

Filling in the Eastern Shore Marine Emergency Gap

24/7 water rescue and emergency services will be available through Coast Guard, RCMP or local Ground Search and Rescue.

The Sheet Harbour Marina will be the only full-service marina between Halifax and the town of Guysborough. A total distance of 374km (202Nm). That’s a long way to go (if you’re halfway between the two current full-service marinas on the Eastern Shore) for emergency medical and rescue services.  

Proposed Marina Security

The marina must be secure. People invest a lot in their boats, and they need to know and feel comfortable that their investment is safe and secure. The following marina security details are to be implemented at the marina:

  • The entire marina area and slips will be well lit at night using a photocell sensor similar to streetlights, dusk to dawn.
  • The marina will be part of the local RCMP detachment patrol route
  • All boat slips and moorings will be separated from public spaces by a wire security fence and only have password lock access to slips. Passwords to change weekly.
  • Closed Circuit TV cameras will be on-site and during non-business hours remotely monitored including the parking lot, docks, and entrance to the slips. Surveillance for water access will also be investigated. Criminals do not always use the front door.
  • During operating hours employees will monitor cameras and the marina for suspicious activity.
  • Near future – It is anticipated that there will 24hr security on-site during the spring-summer-fall seasons.